Let us resolve to honor the Lord by saturating ourselves with God’s Word, our focus for Women of the Word 2017 will be the Psalms. 

We will be memorizing three Psalms over the course of the year and are excited that the Lord has given Charlotte Travis the idea for a tool to assist us in our meditation and memorization! Each week, you will receive an email focusing on the memory verse of the week, with artwork and devotions written by our Apostles Bible study teachers and staff. The material can be printed, and there will be space on the pages for you to journal or practice writing the memory verse. Click below to join our email list for these special WOW 2017 emails.

You may want to make it a priority to read and pray through the Psalms in 2017. Click the Reading Plans button below for the Book of Common Prayer schedule for reading through the Psalms in a month.

Plan to join us on the journey of knowing and loving our Lord more deeply as we spend time in His Word in 2017.

For more information, contact Susan Hooker at shooker@apostles.org.

1. Read and pray through the Psalms.

Choose from two reading plans by clicking the button below.

2. Meditate upon and memorize Psalm 67, Psalm 84, and Psalm 103.

Even if you have difficulty memorizing verses, God will bless your investment of meditating on each verse daily. View the memorization schedule and print the weekly verses that can be cut out.

3. Join one of our weekly Bible studies.

See the full list of options and details for each on our Bible Studies page.

4. Sign up for encouragement and camaraderie on this journey.

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So many of us are visual learners. The Psalms themselves are artistic, poetic, and full of beauty. What better way to learn these verses from Psalms than through pretty pieces of artwork? Click on a verse to view and download a free piece of art to help you memorize each verse.

Some of our leaders and Bible study teachers in Women's Ministry have penned devotionals for each passage that we are memorizing. These are sent out weekly via email to subscribers of Women of the Word 2017. Click here to sign up to receive these emails.