"Yielded in Friendship and Community" - Genuine Wisdom

Speaker: Stephanie Harvey

Yielded in Friendship and Community
Throughout different seasons of life, it can be easier or harder to find true, godly friendships and rest in real, authentic community. Stephanie Harvey discusses the challenges and joys from her own life, putting our need for relationship with others in the context of our primary relationship with Christ.

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"The Opportunity of Loss" - Genuine Wisdom

Speaker: Connie Musselman

Knowing and Trusting God Tenderly & Sincerely Through the Opportunity of Loss

Many times God adds a burden to our lives in order to lighten our load because we run straight to Him.

Edith Schaeffer said, “WE CANNOT KNOW WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT OF OUR LIVES. Its arrival won’t be announced with a blast of silver horns or the blare of an orchestra’s full crescendo. Our most important moment can come at a time when no one but God and Satan are aware of it, when our response to the Lord is one which wins at once a battle that could have left a horrible tear or hole in the fabric of history.” 

Shock, loss, illness, disappointment, criticism and other human attack can turn out to be the most important opportunities in life we are ever going to have to honestly love God and truly trust Him in a way which will bring Him great joy and defeat every plan of Satan. Connie will share her story of God’s presence and provision throughout her life as a preparation for being anchored to Him during her recent opportunity of breast cancer this past year. It is a testimony of the tenderness of our Living God to turn seeming loss into great gain.

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"Conversations with God" - Genuine Wisdom

Speaker: Casey Hawley

Conversations with God: 15 Truths God Wants You to Know About Prayer

Conversations with God can be life-changing, lightning rod moments of need, or they can be the everyday talks a child has with a loving Father she adores. Both types of prayer as well as corporate prayer are the topics of September’s Genuine Wisdom. 15 Biblical principles of prayer, Scriptural examples and models, as well as practical how-to’s are part of this evening designed to deepen and broaden your prayer life. God's constancy, His very real presence, and His unfailing love and provision are highlighted in this time with Casey Hawley. Scripture underscores each example. The primary topic is prayer, but closely intertwined topics are God's unfailing trustworthiness and character. 

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"Desiring for Yourself What God Desires for You" - Genuine Wisdom

Speaker: Teresa Skepple

The Challenges Of Biblical Womanhood

We all know and experience daily the consequences of Adam and Eve's sin and yet the Bible tells us as Believers that we have everything we need for life and godliness.   But what does that mean to women dealing with some of the most difficult challenges in life?  Teresa Skepple will examine and explain how Biblical Womanhood fits into the narrative of God's purpose and expectation for you as a beautiful woman of God and how even in the face of unpleasant circumstances you can faithfully follow God's design for your life.

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"Alone with God" - Genuine Wisdom

Speaker: Linda McEntire

What is a Quiet Time? A “quiet time” is a dedicated time each day set aside to connect with God.

  • to adore and praise Him
  • to study Scripture
  • to hear what He has to say
  • to allow His Word to renew our hearts and minds so that the Spirit of God can transform us.

Our goal as Christians is not just to know about God, but actually to know Him as one person knows another.  He is our Father, our Friend, our Comforter, our Guide, and our Lord.  Knowing Him in this way, talking with Him in this way, calls for responses of joy, of worship, of repentance and sorrow, of hope and expectation.  Knowing and loving God – that’s what quiet times are about. (© Redeemer Presbyterian Church)

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"Treasure: Living in Light of Eternity" - Genuine Wisdom

Speaker: Susan Hooker

Though surrounded and shaped by a culture enthralled with money and material accumulation, those who follow Christ are called to radical obedience in seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  Join us as we examine the call of Christ in the area of money and possessions and ways to orient our lives to God’s purposes, for His glory and our joy.

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"Lessons in Perseverance" - Genuine Wisdom

Speaker: Laurel Lemasters

Perseverance can be defined as a steady persistence in a course of action, in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. As followers of Christ, we are called to a life of perseverance in our walk of faith. This month Laurel Lemasters will share with us some things the Lord has taught her about perseverance in her roles as wife, mother, and physician, as she runs with endurance the race that is set before her. 

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"God's Calling for My Life: How Do I Find It?" - Genuine Wisdom

Speaker: Val Cater

As followers of Christ, we know from Ephesians 2:10 that we are to walk in the good works which God has prepared beforehand for us. So how do we discern God’s specific calling on each of our lives? Val Cater, Director at Gilgal, Inc., a Christ-centered recovery facility for homeless women with addictions, will share her story of the surprising and fulfilling path on which the Lord has led her and the principles of God’s guidance which she has learned along the way.

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"The Struggle Is Real: Body Image in Light of the Gospel" - Genuine Wisdom

Speaker: Tennyson Carden

If we are honest with ourselves and each other, most women will admit that they struggle with living comfortably in their own skin. For some women this is a powerful conflict in their souls that defeats them everyday. For others it is a little voice in the back of their heads that is loud at times and at other times is only a soft whisper of self-consciousness or timidness. Please join us as we have an honest discussion about our insecurities as women and the lies the world tells us everyday. We will find peace for our souls as we are reminded of the truth of the Gospel and how it speaks to this powerful topic. 

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"Genuine Gratitude: Don't Leave Home Without It" - Genuine Wisdom

Speaker: Charlotte Travis

If you’ve ever tried to put something together without the instructions, you know that skipping a step can certainly harm the integrity of the work. Often things aren’t as spiritually “put together” in our lives as they should be, because we are trying to live without that foundational step one of a genuinely grateful heart. It is not something we put on, and wear ourselves out keeping up. It bubbles up from a place of truth, rest, and security in Christ. It is something He requires of us – not just for our good, but for the sake of those around us, and the Kingdom work He has for us. Through testimony of the power of gratitude, as well as mistakes made, we will learn about the vital role gratitude plays in joyful and victorious living.

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"Finding God-honoring Balance in Our Lives" - Genuine Wisdom

Speakers: Casey Hawley, Linda McEntire, Amy Snellings, Tennyson Carden

Do you ever feel that your time and energy are so consumed with your career and other demands that you do not have the time to spend with the Lord you wish you could? Or are you on the other end of the spectrum feeling unchallenged and unfulfilled in your career or home life and maybe even in your spiritual life? Have you figured out how to have a rich quiet time each day, to serve the Lord in your church, and share Christ with those you meet? A panel of four diverse women will share about these situations and answer your questions. Hear from four women who have walked with the Lord for a long time and can share very different approaches to each situation.

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"In Times of Depression: A Pathway of Hope" - Genuine Wisdom

Speaker: Jeanine Dungan

Depression is not a character defect, spiritual disorder, or an emotional dysfunction, and, most of all, it is not a choice. The Church of The Apostles counselor Jeanine Dungan will look at the complex issue of depression through a biblical lens and offer simple steps that are effective in the prevention and healing of depression.

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"God's Design for Sexuality" - Genuine Wisdom

Speaker: Toria Peterson

There is a violent and relentless attack on God's view of sexuality in our culture. Mixed with our own baggage and brokenness, we often hide in guilt, shame, or false thinking and don’t experience the fullness God desires for us. This message will expose lies we believe and offer hope for restoration, joy, and redemption in our sexuality. Toria Peterson will lead us as we look at God’s abundant and beautiful plan and reclaim this gift that He intends for true intimacy and oneness.

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