Lords Supper.800x500.event.jpg

Led by Jeanine Dungan

April 13, 2019


Location: Room 237

The Lord’s Supper is simple enough for a child to partake in with a sense of understanding, yet so deep that even the most mature believer will not fully comprehend its meaning. It is the highest form of corporate Christian worship where the past, present, and future are gathered in one sacred and joyful celebration that expresses the whole of what Christianity means. We celebrate one Lord Jesus Christ, who is incarnate, atoning, and triumphant; our worship of Him, our fellowship of Him, our sealing in and application of all the benefits of the new covenant, and our transformation by Him; our remembrance of Him and our expectancy of His coming; and our connection with the Saints over the course of church history.

As we prepare to focus on Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection, let’s slow down together and remember the important place of the Lord’s Supper in contemporary worship and Christian life.